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Popular Case of Terry Childs

Saturday, May 29, 2010

One of the most controversial cases related to insider threats and computer crimes which occurred in recent year is the case of "Terry Childs".
In July 2008, Terry Childs, network administrator of city of San Fransisco was charged with computer crime in four counts and was arrested and held on 5 million U.S dollar.

The story of Terry Childs was not clearly revealed by authorities, however I found some information about terry's story in one article called "The Story Behind San Francisco's Rogue Network Admin" by" Paul Venezia, InfoWorld"

It seems that Terry was very intelligent, knowledgeable man, who worked in the company's IT department for long time and worked as network engineer and it seems that he was very good in his job. In July 9, 2008, in very tense situation confronted by management, terry refused to hand over router password to Company (city) staffer. Three days later he was arrested.
exactly what happened was not officially revealed.

Regardless that terry's crime had just or unjust excuse, it is consider as a obvious case of computer crime which is done by an employee, thus we can categorize it as a case of insider threat.
There are many information and opinion about Terry's case, moreover you can read about his court trials.
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