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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trust me, you will get surpised when you read it!!!
Infomation bellow extracted from:

Survey participants in London and New York: 600

  • Departing workers who took sensitive information with them: 40%
  • Portion who would provide this information if it would help to find another job: 1/3
  • Percentage of employees who are aware of the illegality of stealing information: 85%
  • Portion of this population who do it any way: 1/2
  • Percentage who believe it will be useful it some point in the future: >50%
  • Percentage who find it easier to pilfer information this year: 57%
  • Percentage last year: 29%
  • Percentage who claimed they would take company info if fired tomorrow: 48%
  • Percentage who would download company/competitive information if their jobs are at risk: 39%
  • Portion of workers who have lost loyalty to their employers because of the recession: 1/4
  • Percentage of those who take information “just in case”: 64%
  • Percentage who would use the information in future job negotiations: 27%
  • Percentage who would use the information as tools in their new jobs: 20%
  • Those who would take customer and contact details: 29%

Stuff Stolen:

  • Plans and proposals: 18%
  • Passwords and access codes: 13%
  • Product information: 11%

Those would go out of their way:

  • Percentage of workers who would strive to find the redundancy list: 32%
  • Percentage of those who would bribe a co-worker in the human resources department: 43%
  • Who would use their own IT-granted access rights: 37%
  • Who would use personal contacts of those in the IT dep

There are also some other statistics from Europe which I got from:

  • One in five workers (21%) let family and friends use company laptops and PCs to access the Internet.
  • More than half (51%) connect their own devices or gadgets to their work PC.
  • A quarter of these do so every day.
  • Around 60% admit to storing personal content on their work PC.
  • One in ten confessed to downloading content at work they shouldn't.
  • Two thirds (62%) admitted they have a very limited knowledge of IT Security.
  • More than half (51%) had no idea how to update the anti-virus protection on their company PC.
  • Five percent say they have accessed areas of their IT system they shouldn't have.

So what do you think about it?did you expect this? these statistics somehow change my view toward the employees and I think I won't be able to trust one anymore. Don't you agree with me?


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