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DuPont Case

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hey guys, I searched for insider threat cases in the web for you and you will be surprised to find out how many cases I found, I mean a lot!!!!

how ever some were more interesting than the others and DuPont case was one of them.
the story is from:

DuPont Case

Gary Min, also known as Yonggang Min, is a former senior chemist for DuPont who faces up to a decade in prison and a $250,000 fine after pleading guilty to stealing trade secrets in November. The case was unsealed by federal prosecutors in Wilmington, Del., Thursday.

Min, 43, was accused of stealing approximately $400 million worth of information from DuPont and attempting to leak it to a third party. He is scheduled to be sentenced March 29.

According to local news reports, a naturalized U.S. citizen from China surrendered his passport and is cooperating with federal authorities. Min's attorney, Michael Mustokoff, said his client accepts responsibility for what he did.

Investigators say Min joined DuPont in 1995 but began exploring a new job opportunity in Asia in 2005 with Victrex PLC, a DuPont competitor. Shortly after opening the dialog with Victrex, Min reportedly proceeded to download approximately 22,000 abstracts from DuPont's data library and accessed about 16,700 documents. After Min gave his notice, DuPont discovered what he was up to and brought in the FBI.

In the DuPont case, Ben-Natan noted how Min downloaded tens of thousands of documents. "A normal employee wouldn't need to review 16,000 documents. Why would you? In hindsight, they would find that a normal employee wouldn't download more than a couple hundred documents a day," Ben-Natan said. "The key is to know what is normal activity so you can spot the abnormal."

you can also find more information about DuPont case in following websites:



these so many cases confirm this fact that insider threat is very important issue and ignoring it can create huge losses for the companies.

thanks to these cases we can get better understanding of the ways that employees position themselves as insider threat.

these experiences created so much losses for its company but its free for you!!! so don't hesitate of reading the cases.


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