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Insider Threats e-book

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here is very interesting book about insider threat. the whole book is available at:

In this book authors have different view toward the insider threats and categorized them into four main group:
  • Pure insider
  • Insider associate
  • Insider affiliate
  • Outside affiliate

  • pure insider is the person who are employed by the company and have all access associated with it such as accessing to company's network. authors sees this group as the most important threat since they already have most of the access they need.

  • On the other hand insider associates are people who employed by the company, but they do not have as many access as pure insider. for example cleaner.

  • The third group is insider affiliate who are friend, spouse of employees or have some relation with them and use their credentials to gain access

  • Outside affiliate are unauthorized persons who use open access to gain access to company's resources. this cases do not happen because they break into you company but because we left a door open for them. for example wireless network can act as open door for outsiders.
as I mentioned in my previous post insider threat are bigger threats than outsider one. in this book authors agree with me and they mentioned these reason for it:

  1. It is easier: it is obvious when insiders already have access to the network of the organization they can endanger company's security easier
  2. most of the security devices and soft wares are implemented in order to stop external threats
  3. There is high chance of success since employees have detailed information and access they need so success is almost guaranteed
  4. since employees who have access don't break in, therefore the chance of getting caught are way lower than external one

Insider threats has been explained elaborately in this book and I really recommend you to read it .


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